Hi! Welcome to my website!

I'm a Barcelona based singer/songwriter. ​​My new album, MAMMA SHARK, is full of rich indie, disco and synth-pop languages.  Produced by the recognised artist and producer Marc Parrot and with an excel.lent  band formed by some of the best musicians in Catalonia. DÁCIL has sung on the main theaters and festivals in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and South America with internationally recognised contemporary dance companies such as Sol Picó and L’Anònima Imperial, between 2004 and 2009. From 2006 ’til 2010 Dácil studies jazz voice at ESMUC (High School of Music from Catalonia) where she meets the musicians with whom she will work in her three albums as a leader. Internationally renowned musicians such as Marco Mezquida, Gorka Benítez, Ramon Prats and Dani Comas. In 2010 the Department of Culture of La Generalitat de Catalunya selectes her album, El Círculo del Amor, to do the Ressons Jazz Tour. In 2012, with her following project: Four Women: singer/songwriters of Jazz, she will be selected by the Office of Artistic Diffusion of the City Council of Barcelona (ODA) to perform a tour around more than 30 theaters. The same year DÁCIL plays at L'Hora del Jazz Festival in Barcelona and at the Petit Teatre du Bonheur in Paris with her second album Creatures making a lot of TV performances too. 

DÁCIL is currently touring with her last album MAMMA SHARK. She is also teaching jazz and contemporany voice at AULA of the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona.